Erotické masáže - Erotické masáže Praha, Brno a další města v ČR
Erotické masáže Praha, Brno a další města v ČR
737 909 096

Věk: 29 let

Výška: 170 cm

Váha: 53 kg

Prsa číslo: 3

Vlasy: Černé

Míry: 92-63-91

Salón: Avalon club luxusní masáže a Welness Praha - Praha
Pracovní doba: denně 11:00-03:00
Dnes: 11:00-03:00 - masíruje
Welcome to me! A real geisha who possesses the secret art of controlling sensuality and energy through touch.

Imagine a place of paradise: the place where you would like to stay, where nothing and no one will disturb you. Imagine the supreme bliss, the pleasure that you have always wanted to experience, but it did not work out in any way.

I am a master of touch, thanks to special techniques during the session you experience the highest pleasure on all levels, not only on the physical, euphoria.

I am able to give real ecstasy and even heal mental ailments. Before the session, you can tell me what is bothering you, and I will also work through your request.

You have not experienced such a sensual experience yet. Allow yourself this experience – a massage session from a real geisha, give yourself a pleasure that will change your life for the better.